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In the Middle Ages, the first Poodle appeared in Europe.

Even then, they had a marked cut with completely clipped areas.
The reason for this was their function as hunting dogs by breathlessness; the cut should prevent the dog's fur from getting stuck in the thorns and branches as it moved into the bog to pick up the ducks.

In French, the name is Caniche from an nickname, "duck dog"
or "duckling".
In Germany, as time demanded to be the ancestor of the race, it is called Poodle.

It is derived from the word "Puddeln", which means wading in water.
In addition to being hunting dogs, many poodle dogs have been noticed by having defend there lord bravely in battle, sometimes with life as an effort.
Around the 15th century, the poodle left the mosses for a while to enter the private home.
In order to meet the demands of the Parisian bourgeoisie, the breeders concentrated on developing an ever smaller race.

That way, the dwarf poodle and then the toy poodle emerged.
The puppy dogs are not divided into the same categories in size in all countries.
In Japan, the United States and the UK, only three sizes are recognized:
Toy, Dwarf and Medium.

In Denmark as well as in most other countries that are members of the FCI, four different sizes are raised:
Toy, Dwarf,  Medium and Standard Poodle


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